Responsibilities of High Official of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies

You must have heard about the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, but you don’t have much idea about it. It is a non-partisan policy institute based in Washington DC. The following discussion is going to throw some light on the responsibilities of a few high official of the institution.

Responsibility of Foundation for Defense of Democracies Cyber strategy and policy expert

The responsibility of the cyber strategy and policy expert in Foundation for Defense of Democracies includes identification of cyber strategy. It also identifies the strategy of states and non-state actors. It also assesses the risk related to the US national security and makes a lot of recommendations for taking countermeasures.

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

It is responsible for doing research on US policies and identifying the gaps in government planning and strategies. Research emerging cyber trends and threats is also fallen under FDD’s responsibility. The cyber strategy and policy experts are also responsible for brief policy making on the ongoing trends and recommendations.

Deputy Director, National Security Network

The portfolio of Deputy Director, National Security Network includes various responsibilities, but there is no limitation for it. The Deputy Director has to work with Director of individual projects on all sides of conceptualizing, staffing and managing the National Security Network, National Security Fellows program as well as the National Security trips to Israel.

The Deputy Director also helps in recruiting, interviewing and selection of the network participants. They respond to inquiries from prospective fellows and applicants, program policies and demonstrating authoritative knowledge of Foundation for Defense of Democracies mission. The deputy has to coordinate planning and logistics for all National Security Network programming for at least five events per month.

They also draft the speaker’s remarks that they have to deliver during a public event. They also have to identify creative opportunities for growing the network. It also includes conceptualizing new event prospect and outreach proposals. The deputy has to conduct targeted research for identifying new stakeholders. The deputy director serves as the direct contact for all the participant networks. They also maintain schedule and comprehensive event calendars.